Monday, January 25, 2010

Here we go again. last week of the month menu ideas

Monday::spaghetti, green beans, bread Hubs made everybody ate, he's supposed to do the dishes too, we'll see when we get up in the morning LOL
Tuesday:: pasta e fagioli soup
chop up 1 onion, 3 garlic cloves, 1 celery, dozen little carrots in 1/6 pieces cook with 1/4# sausage portion in 2T EVOO cook then pour into CP, add tomatoe mixture(LO spaght sauce), prefered seasonings (S&P, italian,garlic and onion powder), add in about 4 cup water with 3 beef bouillion cube, cook 2 hours add can beans cook 1 more hour add noodles last 30 minutes. serve wtih green salad and garlic bread this smells so nice while cooking!!
Wednesday:: pancakes, sausage and mandarins had as planned
Thursday:: Au jus french dip sammys had 2# roast beef cooked all day in crock with 1/2 onion dozen little carrots, celery, seasonings, S&P,G&O powder, beef bouillion, 1 C water, served over instant mashed potatoes. Many compliments liked pots better this way.
Friday::pizza party?? or Sat?? Randy made tuna helper, and peas.
Saturday:: beans and rice or Fri?? Pizza delivered to house is the plan party at 6:30??
Sunday:: Pork Chop Soup depends on budget if $$ then will be shopping and FF or??

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