Sunday, January 17, 2010

recipes and results I plan on using this week Jan 17 -

I am waiting for the SOS that I linked with my other site for dinner tonight

Results:: It was good!! Jacob prefered just the toast and the gravy, Josh the whole thing, me more gravy but whole thing, Randy wouldn't even try the big fat baby so he had to have a nasty sausage dog microwaved. I will increase flour and fat (marj and EVOO) to generous 1/4 cup each and 4 cups milk/water. This should make more than enough!! LOL

Monday night I am planning on a chicken stuffing casserole. thinking of doing basic stuffing mix, cooked 2 breasts (CP), bag of brocoli, and canned creamy chx soup mixed with1/2C broth,and heaping T of scour cream (opt) cook 350 in oven 20 mincovered then 10 min uncovered serve with bounty of sliced oranges we received from our tree this year - best so far in 5 years.
Results:: Went OK will make some changes next time such as use green beans not frozen veggies otherwise will try again in a few months around a $5.00 meal

Tuesday night is Josh's big back to school night so I have planned cresent wrapped cheese dogs topped with chili served with mixed fruit and/or green salad
Results::Went over well, kid favorite had green salad with cucumber but notomatoe. will also try again in a month or so under $5 meal total

Wednesday night may be some type of noodle soup IDK yet I know I have a pork piece I could use and a can or 2 of tomatoes so I'm searching for ideas on this one think I found it with some alterations, of course, see this post
Starting to prepare but chops are frozen solid together, so now changed menu to chicken tacos cuz we won't have lettuce or cheese next week anyway make chicken W/ salsa in CP start at 1:30 done b4 5 fry up some corn shells lettuce, tomato, and pineapple on side. Well, power out most of day so created chicken on gas stove top. 5/6 enjoyed. Picky boy well too bad for his picky taset buds LOL

Thursday I know we are taking Tamale Pie to our lawyer meeting. (have to feed him since had to cut payments) DH cooking - yippee!! this is his meal - only he can cook it right or so he says.

Friday is canned beans and white rice with canned pears. Expect as planned

Saturday is LO ham in scrambled eggs over toast-subject to change and sunday is always changed because we change our minds within this timline LOL

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