Monday, February 8, 2010

Week #2 Feb menu and what really have

Here is what I have planned::::::
Sun::tuna helper, fruit salad Randy made this boys love it
Mon::Beef tacos and fixings I ended up making Randy's lasagna should be very cheesy with all the $1/lb cheese I put on provolone.cheddar, & chedddar/jack probably over 1# yum
Tue::ham, mashed, green beans had we 2-9 menu instead
Wed::hamburger patties, fries, applesauce had TB for >$10/4 plus a banana
Thu::French toast and bacon, smoothie made split pea in CP& own rolls
Fri::split pea soup and rolls salsa chicken tacos and the goodies
Sat::ham and potato casserole, fruit slices frozen pizza and lemon icees
Sun::IDK yet!! probably chx legs, mased, green beans

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