Monday, February 15, 2010

Working page on Week #3 Feb 2010

This is what I have ideas for for this week while were off school.
Lunches:: sammy's,
Sun::Ziti casserole, green salad
had chx legs, mac salad
Mon:: IDK maybe leftovers??or Sun Menu??or helper
had leftovers
Tue::CP beef sammys, fruit salad
YUM-O cooked in CP all day with oniongarlicshrooms and broth
Wed::pork chop soup and rolls
chili cheese cornbread casserole a hit!!
Thu::hamburger helper, corn
had hash brown bacon casserole it was yummy see this recipe
Fri::hash brown casserole, fruit salad or slices
hamburger helper italian and fruit slices or??
Sat::beans and rice with fruit salad {may trade fri and sat}
IDK yet will depend on how day goes
Sun:: IDK will have to do freezer inventory and prepare for shoppiong on the 26th at
Super WM in Anderson or else maybe go to Vacaville?? boys need shoes!!

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